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Not To Be Taken Lightly…(I’m Serious)

am back into the high risk clinic, where all the medical officers and professors show their concern towards me. i sincerely feel it. they have been topping up my medications (a total of $XXX at each routine check up) to prep my cervix for a full-term birth. i’m back into taking progesterone to stabilize my gateway. the last time, with Fateena, i was given shots on my bum once a week at 26 weeks onwards till i almost pop. this time, it’s in a pill form from 18 weeks till birth; no more shots for me. and i have to tell you, i had to set an alarm to remind me to take them twice a day. why? because i am a very forgetful person; pills and i do not get along. and making my cervix strong for the baby is WAY important. we do not want another pre-term birth, do we?

i have people telling me how easy it is for me to get pregnant. i have two answers; yes and no.

1)yes. quite easily, my egg gets fertilized at the right time and when we are ready to have another baby.
2)no. being pregnant, there is always a chance of me going pre-term, at risk of complications and with this one, hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) has decided to join the bandwagon. 

since my second answer sounds scary and crazy, why do i still choose to go through it again? thing is, unless i have medical conditions or life-threatening terminal illness, i do not see why i cannot have another child. although we do sometimes face critically ill bank accounts, a child is always seen as a gift from God. but then 3 is really enough for me LOL. not because of affordability is a question mark but more of not wanting to go through HG again. if all my pregnancies were fluffy, i’d have more. truly!

now at 29 weeks, my yeast infection has begun. just like the last time. oh those little pessaries do make me nervous. i hate having to insert anything into cavities other than my mouth! 😏 

if it really does get to be like 3 years ago, then i’d be needing the antibiotics during active labour. so scary!!!!



a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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