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The Bag

hey whaddaya know? i’m already finishing the last lap of this horrible, horrible pregnancy! in about 4 hours, i’ll be 33 weeks. so let’s recap a little bit on what has happened throughout these 33 weeks.

first trimester
– diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) at 8 weeks
– hospitalised for 3 days, on drips
– had severe vomitting (head over the toilet for more than 10 times a day)
– nausea and vertigo
– high ketones level due to dehydration
– hormone and electrolytes imbalances
– serious food aversion (couldn’t look at any food)
– felt like dying and almost given up

second trimester
– still down with vomitting (though not very severe)
– nausea and vertigo
– low ketones level
– serious food aversion (absolutely no chicken and rice)
– able to eat a little (usually fruits, snacks and other unhealthy food)
– found out baby’s gender: oh BOY!

third trimester (and still on-going)
– less vomitting than before
– nausea and vertigo
– low ketones level
– able to eat a little bit more
– serious food aversion (absolutely no chicken and rice)
– suffering from symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)

my spd is so bad that sometimes my right hip just locks itself up. the pain is outrageous, i tell you. i swear i have never heard of this before because i didn’t have this with the first two. the devil! but i feel calm and at place in an FB group of moms with HG because everyone there is suffering from the same sickness, is understanding, caring and giving lots of support to one another. and we come from all the over the world. i love this group and no way am i gonna leave this platform.

anyway, i am so excited that i can see the end of this and that baby will be in my arms in weeks to come. so, i already have my hospital bag packed!

i had this little romper personalised with that title on it. let me know if you get what it means ;D. so these are the ones that i’ve got ready for baby. except for the white and tougHGuy rompers, the rest are recycled ones from my second born.
– three rompers
– a beanie
– a pair of socks and mittens
– a swaddle


and this is my set of needs. as usual, i must have them ziplocked! it has become a habit, hahah.
– toiletries (in that cute little bag)
– towel
– buttoned blouse (for easy nursing during our ride home)
– loose, dark coloured pants
– a set of hijab (upon returning home)
– buff (to wear in the labour ward; in case i wanted pictures taken while pushing, at least my head will be covered)
– socks
– 3 sets of undies and nursing bras
– disposable nursing bra pads
– girdle (to help contain me flabby parts)

i did a mistake the last time with Fateena with my choice of going home clothes. i chose a long dress, how silly! it was easy for me to put it on but the nursing part was tough. she cried the whole ride home and i struggled to pull my dress up while making sure that other road users would not be able to see me tatas! so that choice of garment has been thrown out the window. buttoned blouse, it will be.


and with that, my bag is done and ready. i am so excited to get to do this that i have been planning it for weeks. this is the same bag i brought to the hospital during Fateena’s delivery and will be using it again cos it is still looking good and still as tough. i thought of buying a new hospital cum diaper bag but didn’t think that it was necessary. make do with what i already have and save the money for other important things.


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