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three and loving it

she turned three, 4 days ago. i thought she is still my little baby (well, of course she is!)IMG_9797and i’m glad to say that she has really made us proud. she hasn’t attended any preschool within these three years because hubby once said it wasn’t necessary. so i have to do something to let her learn her ABCs and 123s (sorry, we Asian moms are mostly a tigress when it comes to learning) through play, of course. i am still a preschool teacher, even at home. job hazard, heh.

and she picks up pretty fast! she recognizes all her colours, 4 basic shapes, numerals 1 – 10 and some letters of the alphabet. not only that, she is also officially diaper-free and weaned off from her milk bottle. all done before she turned three! 

she calls herself big sister, these days because she knows that a little sibling is making its way into the family. she keeps telling us that “diapers and bottles are for babies!” πŸ˜‚

she is happy to use her big girl cup because that is when she can stir her milk with her little spoon. aaahh, that calls for more wiping of spillage. 

fateena is such a joy to have around. she is a real chatterbox. most of the time, hubby and i will be shaking our heads witnessing her antics with her nonchalant face. and the silliest thing, she laughs at her own jokes! πŸ˜‚

i’ll let you be, kiddo. i want you to grow up happy. laugh all you want, as long as you don’t laugh at others. we all need to respect one another. so, offer help and not turning away. and be someone that your big sister can rely on, be there for her. use your ability to make her feel abled. 

i love you, Bambam. 


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