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Bloody Wars

hope you’re not grossed out seeing this but…
yesterday, i ran some errands after sending Fateena to school (oh yea, i’m on a two-week hospital leave). so when i got home, i went to the bathroom to pee and saw this! it was bloody! my very first reaction was unexpected. i laughed at it, instead of getting paranoid. ahh, seeing this at 36+3 weeks it only meant that the waiting game won’t be too long. still sitting on the toilet, i told baby that he’s not gonna come out now. he’s to give himself (and me) another week before popping.

yea, i knew 36 weeks was alright if baby had made his exit from my womb. but no thank you! 37 weeks would be just fine.

so i immediately called in the delivery suite and spoke to the midwife. she wanted me to come in and have a check but i told her that i won’t. i’d rather give myself some time to monitor the situation, which she agreed. i only wanted her to tell me what i could do or to expect. funny that this would be my 3rd baby and yet, i was still unsure. haha. and thinking that i might go into labour very soon, i’d better make sure that all the things for baby were ready. i went to his wardrobe…

IMG_9775 IMG_0221
…to find it quite bare and there were still many clothes that were not washed! i took them out piece by piece and got my helper to wash them all. looked rather pathetic, ain’t it? i had initially wanting to buy more clothes for him but dropped the idea cos i was sure that we’d be receiving some from friends and family.

i was keeping track and observing if i was contracting, more blood or water broke. nope, there was none. so that night, husband and i went out after the kids were asleep.

we booked us a pair of tickets to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens. haha! i wanted to bring along the hospital bag, in case i went into labour while watching the movie but i didn’t wanna scare the husband. since the cinema wasn’t that far away from Onionville, it wouldn’t be so bad for us to go back, grab it and set off.

then it happened. halfway through the movie, i felt my bump hardening. could it be contractions? was i in labour already? husband was restless and kept asking if i was ok. i didn’t say much and told him it could be just cramps. but it was painful, long and hard. no! i would not want to deliver in the cinema! i thought of telling him that we should be going to the hospital but at the same time, i wanna finish the whole movie. stubborn, me!

the tightening happened again. for at least three more times. twice in the cinema and another one when we were on our way home. i told him that i felt like i needed to take a crap and then remembered that labour did feel like you’re gonna take a crap. big, major pile of crap.

we rushed home and i quickly got myself sitting on the toilet, praying that i’d be pushing out poop instead of a baby. it wouldn’t be a nice sight to deliver a baby down the toilet. no! but luckily, there wasn’t any baby. i was labouring that major pile of crap. phew!

when come to think of it, i wouldn’t really mind if baby decided to get himself evicted now. my obgyn had already told me that she would not stop the birth if i went into labour at 36 weeks. well, babies were always in charge during pregnancy. they were the ones who decide when to come.

hey babyMS, i’m not gonna stop you now. you can come anytime you wish but make sure that daddy is around when you knock on our doors, ok? i don’t wanna be taking a cab to the hospital.


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