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Express Labour

so, 9 days ago at 37(+2) weeks, someone decided to make us panic. it was the eleventh day of the new year, two days after Fateha’s birthday. i was already feeling ultra lousy since morning and spent the day by lazing around like a walrus. braxton hicks came and went by, and became a little intense each time. my third baby but i was still not sure whether it was it.

by lunch time, around 1pm, i felt more intense but irregular cramps. hubby was asking if it was time. i shrugged, unsure. but my mind couldn’t stop thinking that i might be in labour therefore i had to make my own bottle of air selusuh (water with prayers recited into it). a couple of big gulps later, exactly at 3pm, the cramps had gotten regular. though it was painful, i could still control it. an hour after that, i was determined that i was already in labour. contractions were about 10 minutes apart.

it was already 4pm and hubby told me to call the hospital. i said i’d wait till 5 but i couldn’t take it anymore. i HAD to make the call and while speaking with a midwife on the other line, i moaned in great pain. she was asking me lots of question and i was like “come on, woman! stop asking me and get ready a suite for me, cos i’m coming already!” and with another loud, painful moan, she finally believed that i was indeed in labour. “ohhh okay, okay! you sound like you’re going to birth any minute!” *rolled eyes*

hubby hit the accelerator and sped all the way to the hospital. the traffic was annoying and i was breathing and gasping for air profusely throughout the contractions, making hubby restless. hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo uuuuuuuuuuurrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. it was painful that i thought i might be delivering this baby in the car, yea pretty much like the video of that young lady who birthed her baby in the car, recorded by her ever so calmed husband.

it took us about an hour to reach the hospital. he dropped me off at the emergency department and i checked in myself while he parked the car. i continued with my breathing, trying to stay calm although i felt something was coming out down south. at the front desk, there was only one person handling patients who walked in. i had to wait for him to finish up with this lady who talked like there was no tomorrow. DAMMIT, GET LOST! BABY’S COMING! i gotta make them panic so i would be tended to. i moaned and groaned loudly. then a porter pushed a wheelchair asking me to sit, while the other guy got my details down on a chit. i was finally wheeled to the labour ward. kept telling myself not to scream. groaning was still alright. i gotta reserve the energy for the big moment.

once i got into the suite, it was 6 pm, i frantically stripped my clothes off and the midwives helped me with the gown. up on the bed i went and then it began. prodding, sticking fingers in the birth canal, setting the IV, blood works…blah blah blah. i was already 4cm dilated and the doctors said that it was gonna be a very fast birth. no epidural was administered so it had to be gas, for the third time again, which made me vomit. one full bucket of vomit and my waters broke naturally. yay!

it took me only minutes to reach full dilation, and was ready to push as hard as i could. the gas made me crazy, i talked nonsense and still could crack jokes with the midwives. stopped groaning halfway, to relax, and asked the doctors if they were going to cut me because i refused to be cut. luckily, they said there was no need to. phew! i had been preparing myself mentally, not to be too concern with the pain. kept telling myself it was all in the mind. LOL.

after a few hard pushes, burning ring of fire…

my little tougHGuy was out; wet but not bloody or covered with vernix. i believe it was because of the coconut water i had 2 days before the birth (yes, i did the same with Fateena 4 years ago). i only had a small superficial tear that required only two small stitches. yay!


compared to his elder siblings, he was the heaviest. weighing at 3.04kg. Fateha, being a preemie, was only 825gm and Fateena was 2.7kg. i was shocked, very shocked. how could a mom suffering from HG, constant nausea, major food aversion, not eating well for 9 months, and severe vomitting, could still produce a 3kilo baby? see, whatever that was happening to me didn’t actually affect the baby i was carrying. he was as healthy as a… healthy baby!


everyone, meet my little man, Baby Shazain, which is Arabic for brave and skillful.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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