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The Ultimate Choice

for years since i got married, never did i imagine that i would need it. hubby and i had always opted for a natural method of blocking his olympians from swimming up successfully to meet my golden pearl. 

recently, we had been discussing of really getting it done. it wasn’t my number one choice, though, cos i HATE invasive procedures. i would rather go through births than that. but when the thoughts of having another round of HG for the whole 9 months crept in, it proved to be even more scarier than doing this procedure.on tuesday, during my postnatal checkup, we told the doctor that we’d be getting the implanon. *sad sad* yes, implanon, inserted right on my left upper arm. doctor counselled me on the side effects that i might be having after this. i wasn’t really concerned especially if they were not life threatening. unless i thought something was wrong, i could always go back.

how did it go? painful, not painful, numb, a little sore, a little bloody and voila. it was in. during my labour days in the hospital, the nurses told me that it was done through a syringe (yea, right!). and hubby thought i was needed in the operating theatre. nope, it was done in the clinic cos it was a super, super minor surgery. just a small incision on my arm.

yea, i was scared when i heard the doctor told her attending nurse that she preferred the blade. anyway…the incision wasn’t painful at all but the general anesthesia, that was horrible. i got bruises right after, like so instantly! about a couple of minutes later, the spot became numb and i turned away once i saw the doctor picking up the scalpel. 

during the procedure, doc told me that i might feel hungrier than before so warned me not to put on so much of weight. it would meant that the implanon might get covered in fats and they would not be able to feel it under the skin. which would be difficult when removing it. me? gaining weight? Lol! i thought it was hilarious and wanted to tell her that i hardly gain a pound during all my pregnancies. heck! i couldn’t put on weight at all.

but whaddaya know! indeed i felt hungry after i got out of the hospital. so hungry that i finished my lunch before my hubby did. normally he’d be done with his meal first and waiting for me, who’d take ages. i didn’t know that it would be that instant. shucks! 

right now, a day after the numbness had gone, i am nursing a sore upper arm. it is so difficult not to move my arm around especially with a newborn. and i wonder how i will go about doing daily stuff with this matchstick-like implant in my arm. 


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4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Choice

    1. Ikr!!! But haizz, hubby said, just do it! Haha but it was really quick lah. Plus you need to have a very nice n friendly doc to do for ya. Luckily mine had been with me since Fateha’s time

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