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The Milk Maid: Episode 3

love the fact that i’m back on the pumping track. woots woots! in my previous post where i syringed my colostrum, i mentioned that my pumping began on my 3rd day of post partum. that was after i returned home from the hospital. previously with Fateena, i didn’t do it right away. i thought that since i was on maternity leave, i could pump a month before i started working. that was when i got myself worried each time i was back from work, seeing my frozen supply depleting. so it ain’t happening again this time around. 

cloudmom on youtube has been my guru and go-to channel whenever i feel unsure or need some clarifications on feeding, pumping and storing. oh of course, my friend across the causeway, Thara, did help me too. 

the part which i love the most is latching Shazain on me and pumping the other side at one go. and then i change sides. the letdown i get from this method is so instant and as long as he is still nursing, the milk from the other sides doesn’t stop coming. that’s why i love pumping while he’s on me. 

once he is done, i will still continue my pumping until there is no drop of milk coming out. so at each session, i can get this much. 

(WARNING: it does not mean a guaranteed amount. different bodies work differently.) 

after which, i do not freeze it right away. i will refrigerate it first and leave it to cool. and when my next freshly pumped milk is ready, i still put it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours (that’s just me).   

so when i have two bottles of cold milk like these, i will mix them up together into a storage bag. this can be enough for one feed, once Shazain starts to eat more 😁. know what? he could finish 80ml of expressed milk when he was a week old. what a guzzler! 

so here is my 160ml cold milk ready to be frozen. i have been reading somewhere, that in order to combine the expressed breastmilk, it is best that only the ones from the same day (same temperature) are mixed. there is also another school of thoughts that says you can still combine milks of different dates but they have to be not more than 3 days old. after 3 days if the milk is not used or frozen, you gotta throw it away. which is wasteful!! all that effort goes to the drain. so be sure you don’t forget to freeze them asap.

but if in one pumping session you can get so much, say 160-200ml (or more), you can definitely freeze them immediately. cos it’s best to freeze it fresh. i have not reach that stage yet cos we’re still new. and being a kiasu singaporean, i want to over lactate myself. yes! but then, i only have one freezer and currently using a small compartment to freeze my milk. 

i’m in my 19th day of post partum and i have more than 19 bags and bottles of frozen milk. already running out of space!! 


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2 thoughts on “The Milk Maid: Episode 3

    1. Me too babe. Wasn’t so good and diligent at expressing when I nursed Fateena. By the time I got to know these, I was already weaning her. Haiz. Well, have another one then. Heheh

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