The Preemie Family

Our family just got bigger. We have a new addition, my newborn son, Shazain. Or people call him Baby Zain. Is he gonna be a momma’s boy?

I don’t wanna spoil him rotten or be that mom who never wants her son to have any other woman except me. That’s not very ideal for any of us.

14 thoughts on “The Preemie Family

  1. awww thank you so much kirsty! we’re trying to be, anyway. 🙂
    yes, it’s a wedding photo.

  2. I love that your husband is willing to sport the pink diaper bag, now that’s a good man.. :o) Thanks for the posts! Our Meggers actually came 2 weeks late and her seizures started at a month of age, she’s almost six now and the seizures are pretty well controlled on medication.

    Take Care

  3. ohh i hope Meggers will improve and be at the pinkest of her health. and as for my husband, as long as he doesn’t have to wear pink tops, he’d be fine. hehe. he hates pink actually, like any other men.

  4. Hi Faizah
    Just viewed yr blog. thks for sharing yr story with me. 🙂 Good to see your little girl developing well despite all odds. I can fully understand your struggle, ups and downs. Nonetheless, I strongly believe that preemies have a strong instinct to do well in life! 🙂 Continue to stay strong and cheerful! 🙂

    1. thank you very much Eve for your kind words. yes, i’ll definitely look out for her future and be proud of what she can/will achieve 🙂

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