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Public Service

It has been 3 months already. 3 MONTHS!!! Time flies with the speed of lightning when you’re not working. And my little rainbow baby has grown chunky!  

I miss his newborn look. Wish he could stay that way. Hahah! But he is still cute, don’t care what you say. 😁

Nursing him is a breeze, except for those mastitis episodes. Did I tell you I got a recurrence? It sucks. I had to powerpump all the time to bring the supply back up. But I’m glad that I got to experience all these nasty things (mastitis and hyperemesis). So when someone is in need of an advice, I’m right here! 

Oh anyway, I wanna talk about nursing. In public. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why certain community in some parts of the world find nursing in public (NIP) disgusting. They have gone waaaaay too far with sexualizing these assets. Puh-lease!!! They have 2 purposes; other than making men happy, they FEED babies. And to me, filling up babies’ tummy with so many nutrients and antibodies, is a priority. 

In Singapore, it is HIGHLY encouraged to breastfeed baby (if the mommy is able to). From my experience, I have never gotten any angry looks and stares, or a talk-down aunty asking me to go to the toilet to feed. Yes, I have had onlookers but from their looks, I like to think that they’re proud of me or that they wish they could also nurse 😋. But seriously, all good experience.   I met my girlfriends a couple of weeks ago and we had dinner at an Italian cafe, La Pastificio. This cafe, as what it says on that sign, welcomes breastfeeding moms who need to nurse. I didn’t notice that sign until I was done feeding Shazain. We need more public places like this.

And today…

…nursing in the bus after his immunisation and developmental check up. See how cool, calm and collected he is. Without a care in the world, eating to his heart’s content. No one bat an eyelid and no one was even bothered to see. Why? This is so natural. That’s what mothers do for babies. 

But, of course, moms also gotta play a part by covering up a bit and not showing your boobs. Why? To me, it’s about modesty. Boobs are very private things and I don’t wish others to catch a glimpse of them. There is nothing wrong with NIP but I also believe in not irking the society. There are lots of breathable nursing covers. If baby is not comfortable in it, than moms have to find other ways like pull down your dress a bit just to cover up that part.  

For me, I don’t do nursing covers. I use my babysling to cover up a bit as well as my hijab. I wear them wide enough to be able to hide my twins from public eye. 

I nurse in public with my modesty protected. 😊😊😊


Maher Zain in Singapore

ya allah! macam nak tercabut jantung ni bila nampak maher zain atas stage.

what can i say? we were not among the front row crowd. but who cares?! we watched maher zain, ok?

sucha talented singer he was. and i melt every time he spoke to us, the crowd, because this guy was quite a joker! when the crowd requested him to sing Insya Allah, he said “of course, of course…insya allah, when i return to singapore the next time.” ROFL! but of course, it wasn’t his only joke.

and never forget to get some memorabilia for keepsake. i can almost imagine myself coming home everyday and standing in front of the display cabinet, staring at this mug for a good 5 minutes.

so the next time maher zain coming back here, i’ll definitely drag hubby and Fateha along. she loves him too! this little girl will listen to his songs on repeat mode. i think she takes after me. *chuckles*

and we’re gonna get the front seats! oh i’m so gonna get ’em!!!

it’s a baby girl

March 20, 2011 1 comment

this little bundle of joy is not mine.

i visited my best friend and her tiny 2.68kg baby at a private hospital yesterday. little nur insyirah, the baby, happened to be our second youngling. the first being fateha, of course.

maza and baby

baby insyirah

there is one thing that i absolutely love about babies; their simple yet meaningful names. i am not into long names and especially with no meanings at all. i think being a preschool teacher, i have seen kids with long names facing difficulties in writing them down and the other struggle is to remember their names as a whole. letter by letter. i really pity them.

my advice: if you really want to name your child with 3-4 stylo mylo names, you gotta teach him/her to learn to write before he/she starts school. really.

and as muslims, it’s more afdhal and blessed to start names with a “Nur” for girls and “Muhammad” for boys. i love simplicity; that’s why i named my darling Noor Fateha (Light of the Beginning).

The Fab5 and new FabBaby. we’re missing one member who couldn’t make it.

so now two of us are already mothers, i’m waiting for the other three to make their turn in getting pregged up! and i hope to make the number of FabBaby growing more and more. and lots more. heheh. i just love babies. and who doesn’t, eh? only silly people don’t like ’em.

to maza and yan, congratulations on becoming new parents of that cute little babe.

and to my husband…

how about a second one, huh? this time i’ll make sure it’ll be full term and healthy, insya Allah!

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I Ain’t Got A Title For This!

September 11, 2009 Leave a comment

first and foremost. Fateha.


look at how she went! she was like a big girl, walking with a toy pram. i was so proud of her. oh yes, i almost forgot. she was doing this at her physiotherapy sessions last wednesday. nope, she still not walking independently but she has improved a whole lot, compared to previous sessions.

P9090196 P9090195

P9090199 P9090200

Hubby followed me that day because Fateha also had an appointment with her orthopaedic professor. as you may have read from my previous entries about her orthopaedic prof, he was quite a nuisance. each time we had appointment with him, he won’t be there. but this time, we were lucky he was around. and so was Hubby. it took him and his team too long to call us in. we came 30 minutes early as we had to get an XRAY for Fateha’s Erb’s hands, and the XRAY was super quick.

we went down to the clinic to wait to be called in. our appointment was at 9.25am but we were called at 10. ok, fine. we came into the consultation room to find an empty table, the doctor wasn’t there. so we waited. again! finally, someone stepped in, a medical officer, not the prof. he went through Fateha’s medical case and asked us (i was VERY tired and sick of this) what happened to her. after we told him, he realised that the medical case he was browsing through wasn’t Fateha’s. it belonged to some Chinese lady. WTH! we had to wait, yet again!

when an attendant told us to wait outside while they looked for the case, that was the last straw, Hubby yelled at her. *thumbs up* they deserved it. we stormed out of the clinic and proceeded to the Rehab Centre for physiotherapy, which was supposed to be at 10am.

ahh, let’s forget about that s/t/u/p/i/d incident.

last night, me and my buddies, Fab5, went out to Geylang Serai to have our break fast at Arnold’s Fried Chicken! it was so long ago that i ate there last. i think i was 13, then. LOL. so to make up the 15 years of my absence, the girls and i agreed to eat there although we had to wait 30 minutes before we could go in. the queue was damn long!


it was so fun breaking fast with them! we hadn’t done it for a year. of course, Ramadhan comes once a year 🙂 we walked through almost all the bazaars and my legs almost gave way. the girls just kept on going and going! i was lucky enough that they’re willing to share and took turns to carry my ‘load’ – Fateha. LOL. Marliana’s fiance was also kind to send all of us home.

gotta do it again, girls!

meetups for eatups

December 10, 2008 2 comments

it has been so long since i saw my best friends last. and yesterday evening, we met up at coffee bean for a drink or two and to yak our heart out. i missed them. very much. but the girls were hungry for food so we hunted for another place to eat and chitchat.

fateha and godmothers

it was so good to have them around again. sometimes i feel like i don’t get enough of them. they’re just the best. oh by the way, these are only 2 of my 4 best friends: Mar and Maza. the other 2: Ogy and Fyda, couldn’t make it for the meet up.

and later that night, Hubby came to fetch us and he was nice enough to send Mar and Maza home. then, we’re off to somewhere peace and quiet, off Sembawang Road, for a private dinner. well, only Hubby was eating. i had my fill earlier with the girls already. i just couldn’t have anything else shoved into my stomach.

mommy and baby