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Of brownies and puffy cheeks

February 21, 2016 2 comments

Can you tell that he’s been fed well?

Hahah! Look at those cheeks. They sure have become puffier. Wonder if he will beat his second sister to take over her reign as Bambam – a nickname for chubby. Lol! And I think I owe it to this.

Not that my supply is dipping low. So far it has been producing at a fairly good amount. But I thought I’d just give it a try, furthermore, brownies are my favourite heaven on earth. The brownies are so decadent; very rich and thick (you can get them here.) They have strong, nice smell of fenugreek and alfalfa but the good thing is they do not cause any body odour to develop. Unlike taking fenugreek in capsules. I remember taking them 3 years ago and ended up smelling like maple syrup. LOL!

Last night, the little guy woke up only twice to feed and that was it. I tried to feed him again but he was too comfy in his swaddle that made it hard for him to open his mouth. Worrying that I might end up with engorgement (and mastitis), I had to pump it out and managed to yield 190 ml in 10 minutes. Loving this!

Ever since I’ve taken the lactation brownies, I’ve been getting this much of supply and sometimes a bit more. On my lefty, that is the amount I can get through just the massage mode on my pump. Cannot imagine if I turn it to expression mode. And on my righty, the supply dipped tremendously since I recovered from mastitis. On good days, I may get about 40-50 ml (which happens only once or twice). If not, I will only get 20 ml. I feel really sad that mastitis has caused the reduction of my supply and size. And I look very lopsided now hahah! Trying my best to latch Shazain and even power pumping more on my righty but there is little to no improvements.

I guess I gotta rely on my left side for more liquid gold. I’m just crazy about keeping my milk stash up as much as I can and then maintaining it. I will definitely get more of the brownies and maybe try their other lactation product – cookies!


going the milky way

(as I am typing this, I am pumping my engorged twin beauties)

I am super overjoyed because I managed to re-lactate myself and got the milk back on. I get so many tips and advices on how to increase the supply that I get myself a little dizzy and confused. but I truly appreciate them because they are really useful. I even googled for help 😛 and all these really did work for me.

so if you wanna know what I have tried (and have not), I will list them down for you in 3 categories.

1. fenugreek capsules
2. red raspberry leaves capsules
3. Shaklee soy protein
4. mother’s milk lactation tea

food sources
5. oats
6. warm soya bean milk
7. papaya
8. coconut water
9. fish soup
10. round spinach
11. almond
12. milk
13. WATER!!!

non-food sources
14. breasts massage
15. power pump

please add on to this, if you have tried other things and they worked. sharing is caring 😀

there are women who can just pump more than 5 ounce at one go. from one breast! isn’t that awesome and down right enviable? but I cannot deny the fact that there are women who get very little or even not a bit. some are able to go on and on till their child turns 2. I hope I can go that far.

if any of you are like me, needs some sort of a “push” to get the milk going, you can try some of those things I listed up there. I cannot guarantee good supply because results vary from one person to another. but there is no harm trying, right? when I was feeling down due to the decrease, I was almost waving the white flag and thought of giving formula fully.

until I saw CloudMom’s videos in youtube. she is tremendous and wonderful! there are two videos that really help me and keep me going on;  Breastfeeding Moms: Stay Hydrated and Pumping Breast Milk After Each Feeding. go watch ’em, they’re really good. she has lots of videos about parenting and breastfeeding.

so I started drinking, WATER of course! and I saw myself producing more than before. and of course, all the other things as stated above. yes, I am that kiasu, everything also want! haha. so drink more water, ladies, especially if you are not a drinker, like me.

and to end this post, here is my end product of the pumping.


how can I not be happy?