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Keeping up with the Milk Factory

And for about a month now, I have been taking a few kinds of boosters other than those I’ve tried, just to see if they worked for me. 
I took Taro Milk Tea (a large one, no less) once during lunch time at work and I got engorged a couple of minutes later! This one was unknown to me. I was at ShareTea counter and looking through the drinks, when I finally decided to have Taro Milk Tea because I love yams. I never thought of it to have boosting abilities. And it did! 😄

Another surprising-never-happened-before booster was chicken pie. A student’s parent bought 2 pieces for me and I decided to eat them at home. This one took a little longer than Taro Milk Tea to work; half an hour or so and then engorgement came. Hahah! But I wasn’t really a fan of chicken pies so that was the only time I had them. 

And quite recently, a friend of mine suggested that I drink the new Milo NutriG because it contained whole grain, barley, oats, wheat, brown rice… So yesterday, I got myself a bottle. 

Yes! I kid you not! The effect on me was amazing. I couldn’t pump after getting the engorgement because I got no time at work. Once I got home, I had to get them out cos I was already getting so hard. Almost a 10oz of yield, it was crazy! 

Now, knowing that my body seems to get immuned to something so quickly, I do not eat/drink any known boosters long term. I would usually take them once or twice and then not consuming them for several weeks before trying them again. Cos you see, once the body is so used to it, it won’t produce more milk. Instead it maintains the production. That’s me and my body. So that’s why this time around, I’d take boosters once in a blue moon. Like giving my body a surprise 😁. 


Stock Taking

February 14, 2016 Leave a comment

I am taking full advantage of this 16 weeks of maternity leave (not a very impressive number but good enough) to stock up my milk supply. Looking at my frozen stash in our newly bought chest freezer, I feel so delighted. I never know that I can achieve this and if I keep on my hard work, I can get the whole freezer fully loaded. How?


This is a month’s worth of pumping. Like I’ve mentioned in The Milk Maid: Episode 3, I usually pump while nursing Shazain, and sometimes after nursing. I can get about 80 ml each time, or sometimes lesser. Much, much lesser. There are also times when I do not get any drop of milk but that is because I have already nursed him and emptied my load. However the pumping will help to tell my body to keep producing.

Sometimes, seeing no milk while pumping can cause unnecessary stress on moms. I, too, get a little stress but I keep telling myself that baby has had his right amount of feed. Therefore, it is important to educate ourselves on how our body works in milk production. 🙂

There are a few moms whom I’ve helped in sharing tips from boosting their supply to pumping their milk and storing it. Those are NOT my own tips because I am still learning. If y’all know me at all, my guru in breastfeeding journey is Cloud Mom. Until now, I am still watching her breastfeeding videos on YouTube. You can click on that link to watch and learn from her. The stash I got up there is all from learning her ways of pumping and storage. Here is a video that I swear by. Go watch it.

But don’t forget. Drink lots of water. Lots of it!!!


Syringe it

January 23, 2016 2 comments

when i delivered the eldest two, this method wasn’t introduced to me.i never knew that colostrum could be collected in a syringe. and so much easier than using an electric pump. 

on my second day, i was already feeling lumps and i believed it was my colostrum. nurses were there to show me how to suck it using the syringe and once i got it, i mastered it very quickly. but of course, i gotta give credits to my hubby, too, for helping me out the first time while i massaged and squeezed the colostrum. 

and on my third day, i had more to collect. since Shazain was in need of phototherapy, i couldn’t get him to latch every now and then. so with the syringes that the nurses put on my bedside, i worked hard on getting more colostrum for him. he was wheeled to me every 3 hours for only a mere 25 minutes for direct feeding, before he was brought back into the nursery. 

and during the 3 hours, i diligently squeezed the miracle food into the syringes, labeled them and passed to the nurses so they could feed him. 

i swear that hand expressing the colostrum was the best way to get it out, other than direct latching. and syringing it allowed you to see how much you’re making. and whaddaya know, on the day i was to be discharged, i was already producing 4ml of transitional milk. i thought that was fast! 

and once home, i began my storage! 😁

 i didn’t wanna repeat the same mistake i did before and i definitely would not mind if i over lactate. cos that only meant Shazain could have exclusive feeds till he was big enough and ready to wean. 

looking at my freezer, i’m a happy momma. at 12 days post partum, i’m already producing 160ml of milk. so mommies out there, do not stop feeding and pumping. it works! 

be diligent, be determined.   

lactation abduction

April 27, 2013 2 comments

much to my horror, something that i foresee before I got back into the working life, my milk supply has gone down. yes, you guys, it is not that much now. i have been pumping, eating good food, together with some supplements. you know…

mothersmilktea Natures-Way-Fenugreek-Seed-180-capsules

mother’s milk lactation tea, fenugreek, anmum lacta…just to name a few.

it could be the fact that i am being warped with an ultra busy schedule. i only have 2 free periods (which are utilised with paper work); once in the morning and once in the afternoon, right after lunch. during the morning period, i try to finish up whatever work i have for the day and the afternoon one, i will pump diligently with the hopes that i get at least an ounce more. so on a no-night-class days (tuesdays & thursdays), i pump only once since i can be home early and breastfeed directly. on every other day, i doubled the pumping routine. while my lecturer talks, i pump. well…not the whole 3 hours, of course! weekends are exclusively for breastfeeding.

life is hard, for working moms. especially the nursing ones. no need to mention my envy towards stay-at-home moms; it’s over the top. but i also envy moms who have a desk bound job. while they are busy typing or answering the phone calls, they can pump. now, how can i do that at work? i’m a preschool teacher, remember? haha, no no! no pumping in front of the kids. not that i do not want, it will affect the quality of my teaching and care.

😦 but it definitely affects the quality of my nursing and caring for my baby. and this is another factor that leads to our reduction. ASSIGNMENTS! pretty stressful for me and it’s NOT GOOD!!!


i search for many tips and helps from many sources and most of them say to pump consistently. and recently, someone told me to get these…

Shaklee_ESP_l alfalfa

i was told that many other nursing moms who take this see a great increased in their supply. and i am definitely thinking of getting them. i will do anything to get my liquid gold back before it gets totally “abducted” for good.

p/s: anymore helps and tips from you? i sure need them. thanks.

The Three Ps

January 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Every pregnancy is different and my recent one was quite an opposite of my first. I discovered several Three Ps, Post Pregnancy Problems, I faced this time around.

Three Ps No. 1
Itchy skin. I developed nasty rash and scratching till i bleed my skin turned raw, was my favourite past time. 3 days after the birth I was like a mad horse, couldn’t keep still cos it was so damn itchy. Luckily, my face remained a safe zone.

Three Ps No. 2
Our bodies went through lots of wear and tear during pregnancy and labour. I found myself leaking before I could even reach the loo. Damn! And it wasn’t just trickling. It gushed out like the waterbag when it burst. It is high time that I should engage Kegel.

Yes Kegel is easy and requires no money, no heavy equipment but just the pelvic muscles. But if you are a pure lazy bum, it can be a pretty tough thing to do.

Three Ps No. 3
During one of my post natal massage sessions, I was told that my cervix was still swollen. I should be eating the herbal meds to get them healed but I didn’t. I was just scared that it might affect my milk, although I was told it wouldn’t. The skeptic side of me.

Three Ps No. 4
I do not have any stretch marks. Not even a tiny wee bit of it. Really. No, not having them is not a problem. I have something else that bothers me. The dark line that runs in the center of my pregnant belly still remains in its unglamourous state of ugliness. It looked cute on my bump but now it becomes an eye sore. Hubby didn’t mind though but not me. Oh no no no!

Three Ps No. 5
There is no number 5. I can’t find anymore that can be very disturbing.

Breastfeeding is going on like a breeze; I believe I am doing good. No sore or cracked nipples, no mastitis…even engorgement seems comfortable to me. I am planning to at least last for 6 months, if possible a year. Or two.

Imagining the amount of money I can save from buying baby formula, gives me goose bumps. Oh you should know, life in Singapore now is crazily expensive. I cannot afford to waste when I can save.

So long live my breasts!

I mean breastmilk!!!

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