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Of brownies and puffy cheeks

February 21, 2016 2 comments

Can you tell that he’s been fed well?

Hahah! Look at those cheeks. They sure have become puffier. Wonder if he will beat his second sister to take over her reign as Bambam – a nickname for chubby. Lol! And I think I owe it to this.

Not that my supply is dipping low. So far it has been producing at a fairly good amount. But I thought I’d just give it a try, furthermore, brownies are my favourite heaven on earth. The brownies are so decadent; very rich and thick (you can get them here.) They have strong, nice smell of fenugreek and alfalfa but the good thing is they do not cause any body odour to develop. Unlike taking fenugreek in capsules. I remember taking them 3 years ago and ended up smelling like maple syrup. LOL!

Last night, the little guy woke up only twice to feed and that was it. I tried to feed him again but he was too comfy in his swaddle that made it hard for him to open his mouth. Worrying that I might end up with engorgement (and mastitis), I had to pump it out and managed to yield 190 ml in 10 minutes. Loving this!

Ever since I’ve taken the lactation brownies, I’ve been getting this much of supply and sometimes a bit more. On my lefty, that is the amount I can get through just the massage mode on my pump. Cannot imagine if I turn it to expression mode. And on my righty, the supply dipped tremendously since I recovered from mastitis. On good days, I may get about 40-50 ml (which happens only once or twice). If not, I will only get 20 ml. I feel really sad that mastitis has caused the reduction of my supply and size. And I look very lopsided now hahah! Trying my best to latch Shazain and even power pumping more on my righty but there is little to no improvements.

I guess I gotta rely on my left side for more liquid gold. I’m just crazy about keeping my milk stash up as much as I can and then maintaining it. I will definitely get more of the brownies and maybe try their other lactation product – cookies!


Syringe it

January 23, 2016 2 comments

when i delivered the eldest two, this method wasn’t introduced to me.i never knew that colostrum could be collected in a syringe. and so much easier than using an electric pump. 

on my second day, i was already feeling lumps and i believed it was my colostrum. nurses were there to show me how to suck it using the syringe and once i got it, i mastered it very quickly. but of course, i gotta give credits to my hubby, too, for helping me out the first time while i massaged and squeezed the colostrum. 

and on my third day, i had more to collect. since Shazain was in need of phototherapy, i couldn’t get him to latch every now and then. so with the syringes that the nurses put on my bedside, i worked hard on getting more colostrum for him. he was wheeled to me every 3 hours for only a mere 25 minutes for direct feeding, before he was brought back into the nursery. 

and during the 3 hours, i diligently squeezed the miracle food into the syringes, labeled them and passed to the nurses so they could feed him. 

i swear that hand expressing the colostrum was the best way to get it out, other than direct latching. and syringing it allowed you to see how much you’re making. and whaddaya know, on the day i was to be discharged, i was already producing 4ml of transitional milk. i thought that was fast! 

and once home, i began my storage! 😁

 i didn’t wanna repeat the same mistake i did before and i definitely would not mind if i over lactate. cos that only meant Shazain could have exclusive feeds till he was big enough and ready to wean. 

looking at my freezer, i’m a happy momma. at 12 days post partum, i’m already producing 160ml of milk. so mommies out there, do not stop feeding and pumping. it works! 

be diligent, be determined.