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tandem to tend them

At this very moment, I am very annoyed with my body. I have been hit with mastitis, yet again! For the third time already, come on. I don’t know where I’ve gone wrong. I’m still pumping especially when I feel extra heavy after feeding. I even hand-express! 

So last Saturday, I started to get the chills and low grade fever, without any engorgement. I practically curled myself to sleep. I thought all these could be because Shazain’s nursing strike. He was latching for only a mere second on both sides. Plus crying from the top of his lungs (No, he’s not colicky and none of my kids were colicky). 

Last night was the worst! I ached all over my body and feeding him was the most painful thing ever. So what I did was, after he has fed on the sick boob, I massaged the lump and then pumped it out. 

And because I’ve suffered thrice…

…I know how terribly low my supply can get. Thus, I have to do tandem pumping at each feed. And probably swallow a truck load of galagtagogues.


Yours Painfully…

February 5, 2016 Leave a comment

four years ago when i was nursing Fateena, i only experienced engorgement and that it went away after a couple of latching ons and expressing. this time around, with Shazain, i have got something else that is more painful. urgh! 

i’m talking about, yea you’ve guessed it, mastitis. it was awful, like seriously. i was down with fever and crazy-ass migraine. not only that, i had chills in the middle of the night that i couldn’t sleep well and my body was aching all over! 

i tried nursing Shazain on the affected side but he rejected my rightie. i had to latch him on my left where he swallowed like gallons. i could almost hear waterfall down his throat. so my almost bursting rightie, all inflamed, had to be pumped and i only got a few drops. not even a letdown reflex. what a letdown, it was!  

until a friend of mine, who’s a nurse, told me to stop pumping as it would only produce more. massaging the lumps and then hand expressing them was the way to reduce and get rid of mastitis. 

i tried hand expressing and it was so painful that i actually cried. it felt like i was walking on a broken leg. i couldn’t do it so i forced Shazain to nurse on the mastitisTit. i thought it wouldn’t hurt and i was happy that i got the letdown when he started nursing. but as i was getting the reflex, the pain was also surging from the tip of the nip all the way up to my shoulder and upper arm. how bad was that?!? so bad that i teared and shivered.  


but i had my mind set in ridding this awful infection. so i kept nursing him more on the affected rightie and pump out the left. massaging the lumps and hand expressing them after nursing felt so much better and a little lighter. still terribly engorged but definitely lighter than before. here’s to hoping for a better feeling me with no more mastitis. 

mastitisTits, be gone!!!!!